Frequently asked questions

Can I wash the wooden buttons in a wash-machine?

Of course, they are all washable. We washed them in 60°C and they became a bit vague after several washes.  


Which kind of rattan core should I purchase if I haven’t worked with this material?

Beginners should start with the 2-mm rattan core which is appropriate for smaller things (pencil holder, lacy basket, etc.). The wider rattan cores are perfect for baskets. We recommend to start with our DIY weaving kits which contain all the necessary materials.   

How much rattan core should I purchase?

For making a pencil holder, 3-4 dkg is necessary; for an egg-holder basket only 1 dkg is enough (2-mm rattan). 

Can I learn the technique from books?

Of course! However it is easier if someone shows the right technique.

I want to make a square-shaped basket. Is it possible to make it?

Making square-shaped baskets are always more complicated, we don’t recommend to start with these baskets. Try to learn the easier shapes at first. For square-shaped baskets you will need a weaving slab which you can find here

Can I paint my rattan core basket?

Yes, this material can be painted with normal textile paint. 

Should I cover my baskets with varnish?

It is not necessary. They are very durable and can be cleaned with water.