’Do It Yourself’ Paper kits made of paper ribbon and paper string

The colorful paper ribbons and paper strings are just the perfect materials for making beautiful flower decorations, different flower fairies, pixies and various Christmas figures. 


You can find all the necessary materials inside the package. However, some helping tools are required to prepare the products.  You will need scissors, a glue (in a long-necked bottle) and – occasionally – some strong thread. 

Paper ribbons and paper strings can be purchased separately. Paper strings are also called “Twistart”. 


Useful advices:

-          Before starting the work, smooth the paper ribbon broadwise to get the entire width of the paper. Be careful to avoid splitting!

-          When cutting the paper, take attention to use the required amount and not more!  Otherwise the paper in the package won’t be enough!

-          For some of our products it is necessary to cut special shapes from the paper. In these cases, use a scale pattern to get the exact shape.

-          The glue might dissolve the paint in the paper! Use only a few drops from it!