Weaving kits

Do-It-Yourself Weaving kits made of rattan core


The ’Do it yourself’ weaving kits family was designed on the basis of our idea to open the basketry world to the people, who have never done anything like this before. In order to achieve this goal, we applied the easiest weaving techniques. The bottom of each product is a wooden base from where you can start to ‘build up’ the wall of the basket. In our packages, you can find everything you need for making the product: all the materials and a detailed guide with figures.   


Our customer feedbacks and personal experiences we gained at trades and exhibitions confirm that everybody – even those who hadn’t known any weaving technique - can make our DIY kits. We recommend them from the age of 5-6.


The success is guaranteed!


At the moment, we have 23 different kind of ’Do it yourself’ weaving kits and we are continuously enriching our range of products. Many of them are available with English guides. 


The materials inside the packages can be purchased separately. Please click on the ‘Materials’ button on the left side.  


About rattan core

The rattan core comes from the rainforests of South-East Asia and India where it grows as a climbing plant (calmus rotang). It is slashed into canes in various widths. The length of the canes is varying, sometimes exceeds 5 meter. Before you start working with the material, we recommend to chop it into pieces (maximum of 1.5 – 2 m) and soak it into warm water for 5-10 minutes.