Here you can find a video about how to prepare one of the easiest weaving kits, the Lacy Basket.  

We designed our products with the easiest weaving techniques. The bottom of each product is a wooden base from where you can start to ‘build up’ the wall of the basket. In our packages, you can find everything you need for making the product: all the materials and a detailed guide with figures.

Our customer feedbacks and personal experiences we gained at trades and exhibitions confirm that everybody – even those who hadn’t known any weaving technique - can make our DIY kits. We recommend them from the age of 5-6. 

If you haven’t done any kind of weaving before, we recommend to start with the easier DIY kits such as Lacy Basket, Serving Basket and Pencil Holder. Later you can make the more difficult ones (Tulips, Hampered Box, Birdcage).